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When you realize that your Ford car, truck, or SUV needs service, whether it be routine maintenance or an unfortunate repair, where are you going to go? You will not only want to take your vehicle to an experienced service station that knows the ins and outs of every Ford model, but one that will also be honest, work hard to get your vehicle like new, and be as quick as possible.

The service center, here at Paoli Ford, has many trained Ford technicians that are capable of fixing whatever problem you may have in a timely manner and for a fair price. We are the closest Ford dealership to King Of Prussia and are located in Paoli, PA, conveniently right next to the local Starbucks. We offer plenty of in house amenities and only use the highest-quality OEM Ford parts to keep your vehicle a Ford model through and through.

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What Type Of Services Do We Offer?

Our service center is prepared to handle any routine or unforeseen maintenance that your vehicle requires. We perform anything from oil changes to engine repairs and everything in between. Some of the more frequent routine maintenance issues include:

  • Oil Changes - As your oil lubricates, cleans, and cools your engine it will become either too thin or sludgy. If left unchanged, the bad oil can lead to larger engine problems and result in a more expensive repair. Check your owner's manual to see when you should have your oil changed.
  • Brake Inspections - Over time your brake pads will wear and should be changed. If you've been noticing that your brake feels spongy, makes a loud squeal, smells acidic, or causes your car to shudder when you press down on the brake, you should schedule an appointment to have your brakes inspected. It is also recommended to have them inspected every time you have your tires rotated.
  • Tire Alignments - Have you hit a pot hole recently? Does your truck tend to veer towards one direction when it should be going straight? You probably knocked your car out of alignment and should have it realigned. This won't just help your steering, but will cause less wear on your tires and won't be distracting when you drive.
  • And More

Whether you're driving a car, truck, or an SUV, we know that they each have specific servicing needs. We treat each vehicle differently, because they are all unique. Besides routine maintenance and repairs each body style will have different services required. Car services include detail work, to keep your stunning sedan, coupe, or hatchback as pristine as it can be, as well as plenty of tune-ups to ensure that you're earning as much gas mileage as you can. Truck services include added attention to the bed, tow hook, and suspension. SUV services may include interior repairs, exterior detail, and some engine tune-ups, to ensure that your family and rear passengers are as comfortable as can be.

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If you require service, feel free to schedule your service appointment using our online scheduling tool or by contacting us directly. We look forward to helping you get safely back on the road to King of Prussia as soon as we can.



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