How Should I Prepare my Car for Winter?

With winter around the corner, you may be asking yourself, “how should I prepare?” Well, there are a few key routine winter maintenances that you can do to ensure that your car is running in top performance and that you’re safe.

The first thing you should do is prepare a supply box that you keep in your car. In this box, you will include essential materials in case your car gets stuck in the snow. You should always have, regardless of the time of year, a flashlight, some road flares, a warm change of clothes and a fully charged emergency phone. For those cold winter months, it’s also essential to have a pair of warm gloves, a few blankets, sand or cat litter, an extra ice scraper and some high energy snacks.

Next, you should make sure that your engine coolant and antifreeze levels are correct. This is important because antifreeze keeps your engine from freezing and without it, your engine can freeze. You should also check your tire pressure and make sure you have winter tires on. This will ensure that you have the most grip possible on the road, which is necessary for those snowy and icy areas.

During winter, it is best practice to make sure that your gas tank is more often than not full. A full gas tank leaves less room for possible water in your system, which can freeze and leave you with a whole mess of problems. Your windshield wiper fluid should also remain full because messy snowstorms can quickly dirty your windshield and force constant washing.

Below, I have reviewed the winter best practices listed above, make sure you check them off your list before Jack Frost comes to visit!

Six Ways to Prepare your Car for Winter

  1. Prepare a Supply Box
  2. Make Sure Engine Coolant and Antifreeze Levels are Right
  3. Check Tire Pressure
  4. Change to Winter Tires
  5. Have a Full Gas Tank
  6. Refill your Wiper Fluid
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