Changing your Tires for Winter in Paoli, PA

You know you have to use snow tires but you also know that if you put them on too early, they’re going to wear out faster and you lose your investment. You want to switch your all-season tires to snow tires but don’t know when the best time to do so is. In fact, you’re even starting to doubt that winter tires make much of a difference. Well, if you live in Paoli, PA or beyond, you do need winter tires in the winter if there is snow. Putting winter tires on your car is similar to wearing winter boots, you don’t absolutely need them but they make life a whole life easier and safer.

Winter tires have a soft rubber compound that remains flexible at temperatures drop to better conform to the road for more controlled handling. Also, winter tires have unique tread patterns with wider grooves to enhance traction on snow and ice by providing channels to drain water and expel snow. The added traction in winter tires can deliver 25 to 50 percent more traction.

Winter tires not only provide better grip on the road, but they provide superior braking through that grip because there is less of a chance to slide! Studded snow tires are an interesting adaptation; they literally have metal studs embedded within the tread. These are designed to dig into ice for added traction but can be quite noisy when they are off snow or ice.

When Should I Change my Tires?

You should change from all-season or summer tires to winter tires in Paoli, PA when there is a layer of snow or ice covering the ground. Remember to watch your local weather reports or tune into a local radio station for weather updates. Being early isn’t a bad thing when it comes to switching to winter tires.

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